We offer flat rate shipping only.  Our rate is $6 for shipping to any destination in the United States, and $15 for all International orders.  All orders typically ship within 7 days, and take 3-5 weeks for delivery.  If you order multiple items, there is a possiblity that you could receive multiple packages.


Allow us to explain a little further...

JT Milward Clothiers is a ZERO footprint company.  This means that we do not stock merchandise like a normal brick and mortar store would.  We are an online only store at this time.  

When you place an order, we notify our suppliers and they ship directly to you.  If you order multiple items and they are from multiple suppliers, each supplier will mail a package to you with your items.  Our suppliers are from all over the world.

This method creates a very good scenario.  Our costs are dramatically cut by not having to stock inventory in a warehouse... which means that we do not have to have a warehouse building, the massive utility costs, the cost of the inventory, or multiple employees.  In turn, the savings is passed on to our customers... it's a win win situation.


If you have not received your shipment within 5 weeks, please contact us at